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Headshot - Full Color
Have your character up close and personal! >:3 Can also be icons.

Can also be $10, just note me. :3
Chibi - Full Color
Have your OC with chubbier cheeks <333

Can also be $12, just note me. :3
Torso up - Full Color
Pretend you're right there with your OC!! X3 

Can also be $15, just note me. :3
Thigh up - Full Color
Remember your OC?? The one with the nice butt?? Yeah, you can now stare at it!! ;33

Can also be $20, just note me. :3
Full Body - Full Color
For when your OC has really cute shoes. <33

Can also be $30, just note me. :3
Character Sheet - Full Color
Here you have a couple of options! 

1) Look at your OC from multiple angles and one pose
2) Your OC un-posed with close-ups of their accessories
3) Layers of one of their outfits OR up to 4 different outfits

Can also be $40, just note me. :3



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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
They/Them | Aromantic | Asexual

Call me Dae! ;3

Freelance digital artist. You can check me out at Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter. :D



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shit i just realized my color palette in krita has been erased ;-;
so my computer is back :3333 but now that i can be fully on DA again i kinda just wanna talk :'3 *flops* 

someone plz talk to me
i'll be getting my computer back tomorrow aaaaa

more accurately, later today
been thinking of a BnHA AU with a friend :0 like it's one of those "what if the hero and the villain switched places" where Shigaraki and All for One/Sensei r good guys and the main characters :3333
im drawing on my touch screen tablet(not a drawing tablet) and it's weird X33
So a while back I favorited a bunch of contest that I was considering entering in, so to organize them I made this list. It's organized by the date they end and feel free to enter them, too!! :33

EDIT*5 /6: Only just over a week left! Please start getting your entries in if you want to participate
EDIT*4 4/20: 3 weeks left and only 3 entries until second place is unlocked! Remember to tag me in your entries and that you can enter as many times as you'd like!
EDIT*3 4/13: One month left everyone! There's 6 entries and plenty of time to go! Please feel free to enter as much as you want, even if you've entered before!EDIT*2 3/30: There are now 5 entries so there is officially a 1st place! 6 weeks to go everyone! I hope you all enter as much as you can!EDIT 3/25: 7 weeks left! Only 3 entries so far, so none of the prizes have been unlocked! Lots of time left and lots of prizes available, so please feel free to enter!
So I've tried probably half a dozen times to open this contest and have been interrupted by something each time (ah, the joys of being
  Checkmark Icon by Crymsie
By:  KoharuVeddette
Ends: May 15

Thank you all so much for entering, it's going to be so hard to choose- they all look amazing!!!
The results will be out within the week so keep your eyes out! <3
Thanks again so much, this contest was so much fun to host & I'll definitely do more in the future ^3^
So two more weeks, but that's it then it's done! c:
It will end April 30th! So a little over a month and a half!!
I've already gotten a lot of support for this, and an amazing entry from someone, so I'd figured it should start now >w<
Draw my OC Contest!!!

Will not start for a couple days!!
If you want to join, read it all and comment below and I will add you to the list!!
 Checkmark Icon by Crymsie

By:  Lollipop-Gothica
Ends: May 15

Contest:  1Year Art Contest/[Extend 48HR, ends 18/05]


Hello dear watchers! we were here since 7 March 2016 and soon will be our first anniversary! We want to celebrate it with you guys
We want to thank this amazing people who has supported us this last year :heart:
:iconrestlesshands: :iconshard4ever: :iconbgtrahernnfa: :iconrosedragonfire: :iconskyworthy: :iconwilderniss: :iconhakutan: :iconsoulorangedracaga: :iconbritneymorgan: :iconanikielen: :iconcrazyjay619: :iconHeartlessDemonAsil: :iconroseandherthorns: :iconcrimson-kaizer: :iconnightwolfrose: :iconmaximusgrowler: :iconMotoNekoChan: :iconTheOnlyKiri:
Without you, this would not have been possible. Each one of you gave us strength to keep working. Thank you so much for appreciate our work!!
We had made an Anniversary Art Contest for you and hope you enjoy it!
You have an adoptable from us? we want to see him! we would love to see how they are growned and being part of you. Show us some drawings, background story, the
By: Tanuki-Adopts
Ends: May 16

Contest:  [open] Contest/Challenge! Draw your OCPlease make sure your entry has been added to the contest folder:
Tomorrow is the last day to get your entries in!
The contest will close at midnight (from the 17th to the 18th) GMT+1
Tard Attention Attention orange  As described clearly in the rules, your entry must be a new deviation, made with the challenge in mind! Asside from the fact that entering with an exhisting deviation is quite unfair towards your fellow contestants who worked very hard on creating a new piece of art, what is the point of joining a challenge if you are going to submit a drawing you didn't actually make with that challenge in mind? 
I've hit some pretty awesome milestones in the past couple of mon
 (yuu comic)
By:  Iduna-Haya
Ends: May 17

Contest:  $Draw Couple Contest ! (65 USD PRIZES) Open 

 Edit 15/04 : DEADLINE IS CHANGED. THE CONTEST WILL END ON THE 20TH MAY 2017.  Undertale - Perseverance |Purple pixel heart | F2U 
 Edit 07/03 : Lots of prices added thanks to some lovely contributors Undertale - Perseverance |Purple pixel heart | F2U 
Purple Dot 1) FIRST WINNER :50$
+ One fullbody drawing by TrashRaccoon 
+ One bust/waist drawing TrashRaccoon 
+ chibis of the character(s) you want by TrashRaccoon
+ A 100x100 animated icon by MyMelodyOfTheHeart  
+ 100Points by shindianaify
+ A shaded chibi sketch by shindianaify 
+ A Llama by shindianaify
+ A llama by ImSooINTHEPARTY
+ A chibi drawing ImSooINTHEPARTY
+ Colored sketch OR B&W sketch ImSooINTHEPARTY.
+ A headshot drawing by Heirozen 

By:  TrashRaccoon
Ends: May 20

Contest:  DRAW MY OC CONTEST (2K points+art)(OPEN)Hello!so,i already reached the 500 watchers,and i wanted to make one of these to say thanks to you all ;v;
i've been saving to make this as i can't actually make art prices this time,but i really hope the prices are ok ^^
</strike>This contest will last until may 10 </strike>
-You don't need to be a watcher to make an entry
-Please actually put some effort on it,i don't want five minutes MS paint drawings made entirely with the circle tool
-Please not bases nor traces,i want you to be original
-I will judge more the creativity and effort than your skill level
-I will accept any kind of visual art!traditional,digital,animatics,etc
-i don't have too much info about them,so if you want to know anything,just ask <3
-i don't mind provocative pictures,just not plain out NSFW.gore it's okay at any level tho.
-You may draw them in different

By:  Sinomis
Ends: May 20

Contest:  Design me a character $50 [OPEN] + EXTRASGeneral rules: 
-If I like the design, you have to be willing to part with it!
-If I don't choose your design, you can do whatever you want with it (Like sell it)
-I can choose as many designs as I want, or none at all~
-You can draw as many designs as you want! 
-MUST be full body and colored. If a sketch, it must be clean/coloured. Chibi's are fine too.
-can be Human,Humanoid, Anthro, feral, anything in between.
-No kemonomimis/humans with animal ears or tails
-No closed species
- Feel free to ask me whatever questions. I'll answer any questions regarding a design or entry. c: 
If you want to look through the babies I currently own for inspiration, click here!
* not based on skill level, but quality of the design. : )
New New 

By: Musical-Crayon
Ends: May 30

Contest:  Draw my oc contest OPEN ($200 and art prizes)It's been over a year since my last contest, so I thought I'll hold another one! I also got some money for the contest this time to make it extra interesting! ;3c
In order to participate you must draw zucca!
Zucca:  TOYHOUSE   
You can draw her together with my other oc as well 
Zucca and Rancha are besties and do nothing but nonsense, like breaking into a public swimming pool at night, hiding/running away from the police-- y'know, stuff like that lmao
I think it's obvious, but on their toyhouse is a 'gallery' button where you can see more art of them, also their references
*PLEASE REMEMBER that rancha has spiky hair, normal cheeks and red eyes like here
ALSO, both have dark eye bags, and it's

Ends: May 31

Contest:  Fanart Contest: Yona of the Dawn (OPEN)EDIT: Extending the deadline to June 3rd because providing only one month was a mistake on my part.
I recently re-watched Yona of the Dawn and I felt like there wasn't enough fanart for this show out there. ;-; So I wanted to make a quick contest to generate more fanart for this anime! I've hosted contests before but never for fanart o: 
First, let's talk prizes.
1st Place Prize: $15.00 USD on Paypal
Or point equivalent of 1,200 :points: on deviantArt
If more than twenty people enter the contest then I will add a second place prize! I will be featuring all the best fanart pieces on my blog and my profile for the month of June. So please do your very best and make sure to follow the rules and requirements! 
Contest Rules:
(Entries must meet these requirements to be eligible for prizes.)
You must draw a fanart piece for the anime series 'Yona of the Dawn'.Choose one or more characters from the references below (or

By: SweetieBatch
Ends: June 3

Contest:  2000 Points OC Contest And Adopt Raffle
Welcome to Pastelaine's 2nd OC Contest, You could win various prizes, just follow the instructions,The deadline is June 9th 2017~! My Birthday >> though I feel I might extend this... (EXTENDED: UP TO July 9,due to lack of entries)
How to enter the Contest:
1. You must be a watcher. New watchers are allowed!
2. Fav+ this deviation.Must create a journal/poll about this contest and create a link to this 
3. Kindly comment down if joining and which character you will draw,I'll note you the full reference of the character
♥ Max. of 7 entries per person,Just click their names to be able to read their stories
♥You can use any medium, be it traditionaldigital, or mixed!
♥ You can draw in chibi,halfbodysemi-realismrealism, and etc.
♥ Please if you enter m

By:  pastelaine-art
Ends: June 9

Contest:  CONTEST (FIRST PLACE 1,200 POINTS / 3 MONTH CORE)(im stealing tropicterror 's format she let me B^ ) )
- watch me
- favourite the journal
- make a poll or journal advertising the contest 
- send your entry + journal in a comment, or note
- dont fight with other participants
- dont trace/copy other entries 
- no nsfw 
- dont yell at me if you dont win i am sensitive
-you can make up to four entries
-tag me in your entries! if you dont, i cant find them
-please dont use bases
Okay, now the character you'll be drawing if you're entering.
1. Catherine (me) ♀…
- I do have glasses, you can draw me either with, or without. (glasses look like this; )

By:  catherlne
Ends: June 9

Contest:  Draw my OC Contest - MORE PRIZES ADDED! [OPEN][14/05/17] EVEN MORE PRIZES
There are more prizes donated by awesome Praktyczka and Triachi ~
[07/05/17] Cash prizes added!
We've reached 50+ entries which means that more prizes has been added :D Now winners will not only get free drawing but cash prizes as well! 
Deadline of contest is going to be extented since a lot of people seem to be busy this school/finals
So new deadline is 15th June 2017! instead of 15th May
[16/03/17] UPDATE! Even more PRIZES!
An awesome shindianaify has donated awesome prizes! Check them out~
Thank you very much for your offer :iconcraiplz:

[11/03/17] UPDATE! More PRIZES!

My good friend Praktyczka not only decided to donate prizes for winners but also offered GUARANTEED PRIZES for ALL PARTICIPANTS!
However to be able to get this prize - your account should be cre

By:  SashaVasileva
Ends: June 15

Contest:  Tsuuchi BFF Raffle/Contest (OPEN)Hi there!
My best friend's birthday will be coming soon and I want to plan a birthday surprise for her. Unlike all the dumb little cards I made for her during previous years, I'm trying to make things a little more tech-y. My plan is to gather a whole bunch of digital art wishing her a happy birthday!
It can be almost anything, from just a little doodle to a comic strip, as long as it's digital. (because that's the theme ^^') But there are a few rules to follow:
-You DON'T need to be my watcher!!! I'm okay with anyone contributing to this little project!
- Do NOT post it anywhere when you're done. I want this to be a surprise and she might not like her gifts to be be shared to the public... (I'll let you know if she's okay with it; after her birthday) Please just note it to me.
- No NSFW/gore please. ^^'
-It should have a picture of her on it, just so it's a little more personalized ovo . (Just a simple reference: )
-Please put

By:  tsuuchi
Ends: June 16

Contest has been extended to the 17th June!

Hello there guys! I'm holding a contest again after quite some time! First let's get started with the rules! 
this contest has 3 themes BUT you can CHOOSE which theme you'd like to do!

EDIT: Themes will be canceled if nobody does an entry for them

-Entries CAN be traditional for the 1. and 2. theme BUT they have to be submitted
with GOOD QUALITY (scanned or good picture quality like this - Kushiira by McGrace)

-You can draw up to 3 entries in total! BUT ONLY 1 for each theme!
- ENTRIES FOR THEME 1 AND 2 CAN BE IN EVERY FORMAT (half body, chibi or full body)
-IF you draw NSFW you can also submit it to Twitter/Inkbunny or Furaffinity!
Just make sure to send me the link!

By:  KuroNekoKimi
Ends: June 17

Contest:  Fantasy Contest!Greetings!
Mr-Sage and I are hosting our first art contest together.
The characters you must draw are our Fantasy ocs. Which are clearly self inserts heh-heh-heh.
Here are some references of them:
(Outfit layers in desc.)

And here is some art of them:
And some refs of the actual people!
Eeeeeeeeeeehehehe by PongoiImg 24122016 033346 by Pongoi
They like to explore!
They are

By: Pongoi
Ends: June 21

Contest:  OC Redesign Contest! [OPEN]   UPDATE: Hey! Just wanted to remind everyone that this will be ending in 6 weeks and two days! Don't forget to post your entries, cause I'm not gonna be extending the date for anyone.  
Hello, guys! I have been looking at my ocs recently, and I realized that one of them needs a new look.
Here is the character you have to redesign:


big pink heart If you do not win, you can keep your designs, but please change the palette so it does not look like you are stealing my character
big pink heart Remember to comment your entries in the specific featured comment!
big pink heart You can have up to 3 (three) designs for this character, but only one can win!
big pink heart D

By:  flower-pony-draws
Ends: June 21

Contest:  Contest!!!!Welcome to my contest! Anyone and Everyone can join! This contest is open for anyone who can draw or write!
Topic of Contest!
In this contest, you must draw (or write about) my monkey fursona! Her name is Epi! You can draw/write about her in feral form or human/anthro form. Here is her reference:

Here are some more drawings of Epi to help you get an understanding of her.

You will be judged on the following:
1. Originality: 1-100
2. Representation of Character: 1-100
3. Level of Detail: 1-100
4. Did you advertise the contest? 0 or 10
(To get the points for number four, please post a journal with a link to this contest! Post in the comments here, with your journal ,so I can see you advertised. <3 )
The person with the highest total score will win first place!

By: Nashi-Hime
Ends: June 25

Contest:  OPEN 5,000 points in avatar contest + free raffleTrophy Emote 2Give it to meGive it to meGive it to meGive it to meGive it to meTrophy Emote 2
Avatar contest prizes:
little star  Top 3 entries receive 1,500 points each, a permanent feature on my front page and a watch from me
little star  Nice avatars that didn't win will be given honourable mentions, 5 points each, a permanent feature on my front page and a fav from me

By:  Aurora-Alley
Ends: June 30

Contest:  4,000 point draw my oc contest!! ( open)End date: june 30th > may be changed if enough people suggest another date 
art must belong to you
bases are okay if you ask for permission from the base owner
no tracing or copying
no insulting other contestants
r-18 is okay if the character is human and above 18
gore is only okay for Casper Amber, Jonah, Shandra and Drake 
you can draw multiple characters together but do not have to
you may submit art you didn't finish from the last contest if you so wish, even if the character is not listed as a character you can draw for this contest
you are welcome to draw characters listed who do not have refs yet, however you do not have to by any means.
You don't have to but I'd prefer if write a journal about this contest to help spread the word
Oh and if anyone wants to add prizes feel free! That would be really appreciated !
First prize! 4,000 points and winners package from AnotherContestGroup, aa full body drawing by me and story by psto1464, A full body deta

By: IDoAdoreYou
Ends: June 30

Contest:  Ms. Makeshift Then and Now contestHello everyone!!
As promised, it is time for another contest! If you have been participating in my recent polls then you would know who the most popular character is. Everyone loves Ms. Makeshift!!
I am very certain that my writer J-Arledge will do her justice when its time to get busy with JOG 2.0! But unfortunately that time is still quite a bit away so in the mean time you can catch up to all of the other comics @ !!
Now on to the details....
I am doing this contest as a collaboration with kennydalman 
For those who weren't aware of Ms. Makeshift's history, Kenny was actually going to be the original artist to helm the panels for Ms. Makeshift's now canceled comic Eltrosis Prodigy. All of this happened a little over 2 years ago so I figure I may as well do a contest to celebrate the character's growth since then :) 


The rules are simple:
Simply take this image and color it. 

By:  Zayarts
Ends: July 16

Contest:  My Birthday Contest! (My Hero Academia!)  Hello everyone! First off, how are you? I hope you are having a good day! I would like to thank you in advance for reading this journal, even if you decide not to join. I really appreciate it! : D

  Every year I try and think of a different theme. This year I choose My Hero Academia! My Hero Academia is a brand new anime that just came out last year. The second season is coming out April 1st 2017! I am super excited and looking forward to it! 
There will be a writing and art portion! Each will be judged by me! They will be judged on Accuracy to character/ Relationships/Effort/Following rules. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES BELOW.
Also, if you want to learn more about the is the wiki! There will be characters and info too! Beware of spoilers though! You have been warned! 

By: Cherry-the-ninja
Ends: July 31

Contest:  [$150+Art Prizes!!!!] Draw Our OCs Contest!Hey everyone! My friend HatakeYuko and I are doing a contest together! This will be the first time for both of us to do a contest and we're both excited to do this!
Please read how to enter, the rules, reference sheets and the info sheets for the characters. If you got any questions, or are unsure about something you can send a note to one of us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Update!!: The contest deadline has been extended until Feb. 9, 2017 due to upcoming holidays and such!
The judges
:iconhatakeyuko: :iconspiritofstars: :iconathuair: :iconnairuuh: :iconsinuzzle: :iconnouin: :icontsukihii:
How to enter
:bulletblack: Anyone can enter. You don't have to be a watcher.
:bulletblack: Leave a comment on this journal w

By:  SpiritOfStars
Ends: August 1

Contest:  |OPEN| Draw my OC contest

Thaaank you for the watching me!! It mean a lot of me! I think I must do anything for you, because you already did for me so many things. It's contest special for you

C O N T E S T - D R A W I N G
What you must do?
You can draw any of my characters in the form of an animal!Happy 

Bullet Pink Alsu Bullet Pink 
Gender: Female Female Tiny Icon
Age: 16
Height: 155 cm
▪ Cute ▪
▪ Cheerful ▪
▪ Loves cats/flower ▪
▪ Favorite Colors: blue heart bullet salmon heart bullet white heart bullet ▪

By: Alsuha
Ends: August 28

Contest:  Mochaeii's Draw My OC!~ Contest

OCTOBER 31st!~ 2017!~
(Will be changed if I wish to get more entries!)
1000 :points:
1 month CORE membership!~
A portrait of your character by Mochaeii
ex-Marissa Chibi
Chibi Icon by Mochaeii

:bulletred: 2nd
500 :points:
A Lineart of your character by Mochaeii
ex-New Art I'm working on

:bulletred: 3rd
250 :points:
A sketch of your character by Mochaeii
ex- Mai Jackson Sketch

Be a watcher (new watchers are welcome)
Fav and advertise this journal then link the journal
(It has to be in the link of the entry but if you can do a journal too, that's appreciated)~
Tagging 3 friends is optional, but is appreciated)

By:  Mochaeii
Ends: October 31


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